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Educational Toys to Consider For Early Development

The first three years of your baby’s life is very important for building and developing their brain. In these first three years they are rapidly developing their language skills, fine motor skills and becoming acquainted with their new world around them through sensory stimulus.

The first 1 month -1 years is all about sensory development and being stimulated through shapes and colors. Your little one will become more active from the years 1-2 , and mobility and communication will be an important factor to consider during these years.

As a parent you always want to make it your top priority to encourage your children's likes and interests. We all want them to enjoy the toys they are playing with without making it feel like they are in a regimented schooling environment. Learning should be a fun experience, hence why educational toys are very important for kids of all ages. Your little ones can start benefiting from the early use of educational toys as young as one month old.

Some toys foster more skills that add value. If you are wanting to work on specific skills with your children, or wanting to develop a certain area of interest, you might want to look into educational toys for your little one. Here are some good examples for learning toys based on their age category, highlighting their uses and benefits. 

1month - 1years

These early years are all about sensory play for your toddler. Bright colors and textured toys will keep them busy and on track to meet developmental milestones. Toys that encourage hand-eye coordination, color and pattern recognition will lay the foundation for their early development. As your child continues to grow you can start by introducing more complex toys such as problem solving toys.

Problem solving toys will greatly enhance their confidence as they become familiar with cause and effect practices. Other toys we recommend are one's that will encourage movement as they become more active.

Great examples of toys to consider for your baby:

  • Stacking Blocks -
  • Sensory Roller -
  • Teether Ball -
  • Geometric Shapes -

  • 1years - 2years

    These are the years leading up to your child becoming more mobile as they start learning how to walk. Start by introducing the best toys that will teach them balance and coordination. Balance and coordination is important to develop for physical and sporting activities as they start pre-school. Furthermore recognition skills will be a good educational milestone to develop at this age. Encourage your child to use themed play-sets, this will greatly boost their language and literacy development. 

    Great examples of toys to consider for your toddler:

  • Walking rings 
  • Matching puzzles -
  • Themed books 
  • Push cars

  • 2+ Years

    At this age try encouraging them to play with more complex toys that will help develop their problem solving skills. Toys that are great for manual dexterity, problem solving, will be building kits and construction toys. As they get older kids become more active, don’t forget to introduce more physical activities. Toys that encourage sound and picture recognition will help with early language as they send out the names. 

    Great examples of toys to consider for your toddler:

  • Counting toys -
  • Lacing beads
  • Matching puzzles -
  • Building blocks -

  • Play is the best way for your child to learn, good educational toys will be an investment to their futures. Help your child reach their developmental milestones with ease through play based learning.